Turlock Walnut Company

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Why Choose Turlock Walnut:
  • Industry-leading grower returns
  • Flexible and agile customer service
  • Accessible open-door policy
  • Traceable and transparent processes

Local in-shell walnut processing experts

As a nimble, flexible walnut processor, Turlock Walnut Company prides itself on its exceptional quality and devoted grower relationships. We operate at optimum capacity — 10 million pounds in production last year — and provide top grower returns while remaining true to our mission of being agile and efficient.

International markets demand uncompromising specifications, including in-shell shipments. This means quality is paramount — and our entire operation is focused on maintaining that quality. 

The partnership and open communication between the grower and processor is incredibly vital to a season’s success. Our small team has established meaningful grower relationships and developed strong internal protocol for higher returns and more flexible service.