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Maintaining Higher Food Standards

Organic Growers

Organic growers find our turn-key organic processing services to be very reliable. Organic processes include on-site receiving, freezer fumigation kill-step, shelling, packing, sales and marketing.

Organic Custom Shelling

Local processors have come to rely on Turlock Walnut for custom shelling thanks to the efficient shelling line. Our HAACP plan, master sanitation schedule, and CCOF certification requirements ensures that we never cross contaminate conventional walnuts with organic walnuts.  Our shelling line is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily; and before shelling organic walnuts. What arrives certified organic, stays certified organic throughout our entire process.

Turlock Walnut Company receives the organic product directly from the huller, eliminating the cost of receiving for the processor and additional trucking expenses. The next step is immediately utilizing the on-site freezer for an initial 23-day kill-step. After the natural fumigation process, the product is shelled, sized, packed and returned to the processor.

Custom Organic Fumigation

With our on-site sister company — Turlock Freezer Storage, we provide custom organic fumigation services by working with organic growers and processors to provide third party fumigation services. Of course, the benefits of packing and fumigating with Turlock Walnut Company include streamlined processes and elimination of typical freight fees. Our food safety track record is unparalleled. We have achieved our CCOF organic certification.  Turlock Freezer Storage—is 588,000 cubic ft. of freezer space with temperatures of -5 to zero degrees Fahrenheit.


Package rates available for turn-key, organic custom shelling!